LazPaint 64bit version

2013-Feb-28 | Tags: freewareImagephotophotoshopportable

Start64!LazPaint is an image editor, like PaintBrush or Paint.NET, written in Lazarus (Free Pascal). It uses the library BGRABitmap to draw. The drawing takes into account the level of transparency (alpha channel), shape borders are rendered with antialiasing, and color composition includes gamma correction.

Interface -  Many common actions can be done with the toolbar. Zoom can be changed with the magnifying glass (+ or -), or by clicking on the 1:1 button to show the image at its original size in pixels, or with the zoom fit button to set the zoom so that the whole image be within the window.

It is possible to undo/redo the 200 last operations. If you have a doubt on what you are drawing, undo back to the beginning, save a copy, and redo the modifications before going further.

LazPaint 64bit version

Windows -  The main window allows to draw, and there is also a color circle window and a toolbox. Use the color circle window to select a color, its luminosity and its opacity. The toolbox offers a wide range of drawing tools and selection tools.

LazPaint 64bit version

Selection -  Selection is composed with rectangles, ellipses and pen drawing. It contains levels of transparency, so that the border of an elliptic region has antialiasing. If you cut a hole in your bitmap, the border will be antialiased, and if you draw a gradient inside an elliptic selection, the border will be with antialiasing. With the left button you can add elements to the selection, and with the right button, you can remove elements from it. The selection can be released with a button on the toolbox or by hitting Enter. The rotation tool allows to rotate the current selection with a free angle. The selection fit option reduces the selection to non transparent pixels.

LazPaint 64bit version
LazPaint - 64bit software

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