DenoiseMyImage 64bit version

2013-Jun-09 | Tags: photo

Start64!DenoiseMyImage is a freeware/shareware that can remove digital noise from your photos. DenoiseMyImage employs modified state-of-art denoising algorithm. Our algoritm is more than 50 times faster original one and preserves its advantages. Neither waveletet denoising (i.e. BayesShrink) nor anisotropic diffusion have same or better results.

DenoiseMyImage 64bit version

DenoiseMyImage is easy to use and intuitive - it contains:

  1. comfortable viewer
  2. image moving using drag&drop or arrows
  3. image scaling using mousewheel, NUM+- or toolbar buttons
  4. easy switching noisy/denoised image using right mouse button
  5. insert file to application by drag&drop
  6. superfast preview mode for tuning denoising parameters
  7. unsharp mask for sharpening and image blending 


DenoiseMyImage 64bit version 
DenoiseMyImage - 64bit software