Start64!Just clik to resize, comment, rotate or stamp your digital photos! When installed, SnipClik places itself in the context menu that comes up when you right-clik on your image files in Windows Explorer. Look for the camera icon.

 SnipClik 64bit version

Available options:

  • Process
    Process all selected images. Image processing can be customized using "Configuration" option.
  • Rotate Right & Process
    Rotate the selected image Clockwise and process.
  • Rotate Left & Process
    Rotate the selected image Counter Clockwise and process.
  • Comparer
    Compare the exposure parameters of selected photos.
  • Descriptor
    Easily describe/comment selected photos.
  • Configuration
    Configuration option provides a very convenient and friendly interface to configure all the program options.

SnipClik 64bit version
SnipClik - 64bit software