Picmv 64bit version

2016-Aug-28 | Tags: freewarephotowin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Picmv is a useful transfer tool for digital camera to PC transfers. The file name native to the camera is unified in photographing date, and a batch copy is available. User defines naming rules of copy destination (photographing date of Exif header). Graphical progress display using OpenGL. Real-time preview, memory card automatic recognition and automatic ejection, and thumbnail generation are all available features.

Picmv x64 version
  • It is freeware which copies image photoed with digital camera to any directories.
  • It is convenient when it has two or more digital cameras and memory card readers.
  • Name file name based on photographing date information on Exif header. User can define naming rules.
  • File of optional extensions is targetted also except JPG file.
  • Automatic recognition of the memory card can be performed. It can also set up manually.
  • Two or more former directories can be specified, and even if they do not exist, they do not become error.
  • This is for enabling it to use conveniently when multi-memory card reader is used.
  • Memory card can be automatically ejected after termination of copy (extraction).
  • Copy destination directory name can also be named from photographing date information.
  • Thumbnail (reduction image) can be outputted.
  • Image can be rotated with vertical image attribute and it can output (function under experiment).
  • There is automatic-contrast-control function (function under experiment).
  • Graphical progress display using OpenGL is performed during copy.
  • When especially memory card is being made setup which performs automatic recognition, insertion of media and ejection are expressed by animation. Moreover, histogram can also be displayed.
  • It can stop during copy at any time.


Picmv x64 version


Picmv x64 version
Picmv - 64bit software