Start64!Picgl is a graphic viewer with an image controlling and thumbnail gallery function. A caption can be attached to an image, or two or more keywords can be added and can be searched. File operations such as a copy, move, and renaming, are also possible.

Picgl x64 version 


  • Picgl It is viewer with image management function of free software in which thumbnail indication is possible
  • Goal is offer of comfortable browse environment of digital camera image
  • Caption can be attached to image, or two or more keywords can be added and can be searched
  • File manipulation, such as copy, move, and renaming, is possible
  • Extensible by Susie plug-in (only x32 version)
  • View which met at photographing time which disregarded folder structure (FreeView)
  • Arrange thumbnail each by respectively free position, size, and inclination (FreeView)
  • View of the order of file name divided for every folder (DirectoryView)
  • View which make move new image file and often seen image to the upper one (FavoritesView)
  • Search from keywords, caption, file name, and folder name
  • Easy title input
  • Easy keywords input
  • JPEG Interconversion of a comment marker and keywords
  • Tag input and search (FreeView)
  • Search from calender (FreeView)
  • Search from similar color (ColorOrderView)
  • Search of similar (or duplication) image
  • Automatic slideshow
  • 12 kinds of transition effects
  • High-speed display by read ahead
  • Copy, move, renaming, and deletion
  • Creation of folder, renaming
  • Format conversion
  • Resize
  • OpenGL used image display
  • Always adjust thumbnail size automatically so that pixel on limited screen may be used as effectively as possible

Picgl x64 version 
Picgl - 64bit software