Goletas Screen Capture 64bit version

2008-Aug-05 | Tags: freewarescreen capture

Start64!its seamless integration into Microsoft Windows®, the Goletas Screen Capture program aids you with capturing any part of your virtual screen and saving the captured area to the clipboard and/or a file. Screen Capture was specifically designed to run in the background completely eliminating user distraction.

The program can be manipulated through its own hot keys without the need to bring the screen capture window up to capture all screens, current screen or foreground windows. All the features of the program were carefully chosen to make the tool as simple as possible.

Goletas Screen Capture is absolutely free for personal or commercial use and is not bundled with spyware or adware.

The program can be used to enhance technical or sales documents and embed the snapshots into presentations, or to show off a product on the web. It could also be used by the software testers to efficiently take screenshots of the user interface bugs found in a product. The possibilities for using Screen Capture are endless.

Goletas Screen Capture - under x64

While the Microsoft Windows Print Screen key can be used to take screen snapshots, the captured data can only be put on the clipboard. Additionally, it is difficult and at times impossible to capture some of the Microsoft Windows screen elements, such as buttons. Screen Capture eliminates these limitations allowing you to take a snapshot of any part of the virtual screen and saving the captured area to file, clipboard or both.

Screen Capture doesn't require installation, just save the file on your computer and run it. Ready to give this application a chance? Download now!


  • Native support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
  • Fully multithreaded, takes advantage of multi-core processors.
  • With the operating system's look and feel, Screen Capture has never been easier to learn and operate.
  • Captures windows, controls, entire screen, current screen, foreground window, mouse pointer, pop-ups and drop down menus.
  • Supports four hot keys for different operations. By redefining the default action of the Print Screen key, you can capture while working with other programs. It also lets you take screen snapshots of those elements that can't be captured other ways: menus, splash-screens and etc.
  • Can send the captured image to the clipboard, a file or both.
  • Automatic or manual output image file naming. In automatic mode, Screen Capture generates Globally Unique Identifier and uses it to name the image.
  • Saves the captured area in any of the following file formats: BMP, JPEG (compression supported), TIFF, GIF and PNG.
  • The ability to open the captured image with an external editor.

Goletas Screen Capture - under x64
Goletas Screen Capture - 64bit software