TurboSFV 64-bit version

2015-Sep-08 | Tags: commandlinehashwin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!With TurboSFV, you can calculate checksums (hash values) for your files. At a later time, you can validate the hash values to ensure, that the content of the files has not been changed.

TurboSFV supports various hash functions to calculate checksums for files. Checksums are fingerprints or digital signatures of bit streams. Their calculation and length of the hash digits depends on the used hash algorithm.

Checksums can be used to algorithmically identify a file. In general, if a file changes, then the checksum will change. So checksums can be used to validate data.

TurboSFV 64-bit version

The security of a hash function mainly depends on the used hash algorihm and the length of the hash digits. At the time of writing, CRC-32, MD5 and SHA-1 are insecure: A different file with the same checksum can be created or found. The decision, which hash function to use, depends on the application and the available computer power.

TurboSFV supports the calculation of hash values using the following hash functions. Mentioned links to some external websites provide you with further details.

TurboSFV 64-bit version
TurboSFV - 64-bit software