Start64!FileOptimizer is a lossless file size optimizer supporting AIR, APK, APNG APPX, BMP, CBZ, DOCX, DLL, EPUB, EXE, GIF, GZ, ICO, JAR, JPEG, MNG, MP3, MPP, PNG, PPTX, ODT, OGG, OGV, PDF, PUB, SCR, SWF, TIF, VSD, WEBP, XAP, XLSX, and ZIP file formats among others.

It keeps the behaviour of the file untouched, but with its size reduced thanks to several recompression and optimization techniques.

  • Simple program interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Several third party tools integrated in one same tool (plugins).
  • Easy automation via commandline.


FileOptimizer 64bit version


Key features

  • Suitable for home users that need to speedup file transfers no matter if they are in email attachments, P2P or shared upload servers.
  • Suitable for webmasters to increase the page load speed.
  • Suitable for web developers to reduce content weight.
  • Suitable for desktop developers in any platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, ...) to reduce distribution sizes and reduce load times.
  • Suitable for mobile developers (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, ...) to reduce distribution sizes and reduce load times.
  • Suitable for server administrators that could integrate FileOptimizer via commandline.
  • Suitable for content creators and distributors to reduce content weights.


New features

  • Improved GIF compression by adding ImageMagick.
  • Improved JPEG compression by adding ImageMagick.
  • Improved PDF compression upgrading to Ghostcript 9.07.
  • EXE compression is now safer by removing /StripFixups:Y in PETrim.
  • Upgraded ImageWorsener to 1.1.0.
  • Upgraded Gifsicle to 1.70.
  • New ribbon interface, just for those complaining about ugly interface. For the rest, the tradicional context menu is still available, and ribbon can be minimized to save screen space.
  • Implemented remove selected files option.
  • Total bytes saved are now shown when finishing the optimization.
  • Solved an issue with Add files dialog in Windows XP and older, by switching from TFileOpenDialog to TOpenDialog.
  • Fixed a Windows Vista incompatibility (lastMonkey).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the program to confirm more than one time to exit when process where still active.
  • Solved some issues optimizing OBJ/o and LIB/A files.
  • Prevented empty log creation in x64 build when LogLevel=0 (n6333373).
  • Prevented optimized files being larger that original ones in some rare scenarios.
  • Some minor cosmetic and usability improvements.
  • Other minor stability and performance improvements.
  • Upgraded to C++ Builder XE3 Update 2.


FileOptimizer 64bit version
FileOptimizer - 64bit software