NiceCopier 64bit version

2015-Feb-27 | Tags: copyfreewarespeed

Start64!NiceCopier replaces windows explorer file copy, it adds many feartures like pausing, resuming and it calculates the best copy speed. Its main goal is to improve the copy organisation and GUI. NiceCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features:

  • File Transfer resuming/pausing
  • Calculates best speed
  • Better copy progress display a bit faster than windows copy
  • Automatic Copy list saving/loading  ( you can shutdow windows anytime. Nicecopier will continue when windows starts )
  • Save file-transfer status every 10 sec, in case of of a power loss, diconnect etc.

NiceCopier 64bit version

NiceCopier shows a treeview of all files to be copied in the collision dialog.
You can ignore ,replace and rename the files there, if nothing is set the files will be REPLACED!
Since v. 11.9.1 you can set a folder to "replace existing". So all subfiles that exist will be replaced.
That is know the default if you click the ignore-button in the collision dialog. To fully ignore a Folder you can tick the ignore checkbox or righclick the item and select ignore from the context menu.

NiceCopier 64bit version
NiceCopier - 64bit version