Start64!Quick Checksum Verifier checks file integrity by secure time proven algorithms like MD5 and SHA-1. You can easily create checksums of files and verify their integrity in the future. The operation is very easy, just two steps. Load the file and paste the predefined checksum.

It also supports command line arguments with error level output. e.g. start /wait qcv.exe -a ALGORITHM -c CHECKSUM -f FILE
This software has been designed to be portable, which means it can be installed and used on an USB-Stick. Quick Checksum Verifier is distributed as freeware and does not contain spyware, adware or any other kind of malware.

Quick Checksum Verifier 64bit version

Portable usage - Create a text file named "portable" or "portable.txt" in the root folder of the program. Copy the root folder to any place you like, but make sure the program has write access. (e.g. don't use C:\Program Files)

Quick Checksum Verifier 64bit version
Quick Checksum Verifier - 64bit software