Start64!Directory Opus 9 for Windows is a program unique amongst file managers, unlike anything seen before on the Windows platform. We have combined the knowledge gained from more than twenty years experience in the development of file managers with the latest design concepts to provide more power in one package than ever before.

But, you don’t need to worry about all this! You can take immediate advantage of the program straight out of the box. You will find Opus immediately familiar. File management, integrated ZIP handling and FTP transfers, viewing images and performing all those previously difficult to handle file operations under Windows have never been easier!


Directory Opus - under x64


And you can be confident that once you have mastered the basics, the unique design of Directory Opus will allow you to readily expand your abilities by taking advantage of the program’s powerful underlying architecture. You will be able to easily customize the program to combine your desired look and feel with the specific functionality you need.


Directory Opus - under x64


Multithreading means No Waiting, No Delay

No longer do you have to sit there and watch while one operation completes. Once you have started one operation you can immediately continue on with the next. The unique design with its inherent multithreading is what actually gives Opus 9 its impressive power and makes it so fast and efficient. For example, while unzipping an archive into one folder, there is now no need to wait for this to finish before doing something else. Once the action has been launched, you can immediately reuse the current Lister or open a new one and start performing other tasks, all while the first task completes. Similarly, you can download multiple files from remote FTP servers using the internal FTP engine without blocking other activities.

Windows Explorer Replacement

Directory Opus can be set as the default handler for all folders. This means that when you double-click on a folder, it will open in Opus and not in Windows Explorer. This is known as Explorer Replacement Mode.

When used as an Explorer replacement, Opus 9 greatly enhances your productivity since there is no longer any need to keep swapping between programs to perform everyday tasks nor to have to run a new copy of Explorer just to copy files between folders. Opus 9 provides a seamless integration of file manager and Explorer functions and handles ZIP archives and FTP file transfer in the one program.


Directory Opus - under x64


Aborting Operations

Most functions can be aborted once they have begun (which can be quite useful if you accidentally start deleting the contents of your hard drive!) To abort an operation, select the Abort button shown in the progress window or hit the Esc key. Do not be alarmed if the action does not abort immediately; some functions such as Copy may have to finish with the file they are working upon before exiting.

As of version 9.1, Directory Opus is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and 64-bit Windows systems are fully supported.


Directory Opus - under x64
Directory Opus - 64bit software