Start64!New version! - Auto Debug Software is an api monitor tool which can automatic tracing all apis and activex interface input and output parameters. Easy set which api want to monitor, this application will auto trace the target program and monitor the input and output of function call. Monitor any dll and activex interface, automatic analysis pdb files.

Auto Debug Professional for x64 is a best api monitor tool. Unlike others apispy or api monitor tools, Auto Debug software did not need user to develop any dll or hook dll. It's so easy --- Only set the apis which you want to monitor checkbox to ON, once the target application to running and called these apis, it will monitor these apis input and output parameters with automitatic! Didn't need to develop any dll, once installed the software, we can start to monitor apis NOW! 

Auto Debug for x64


  • Support script to control Auto Debug.(new in V2.0)
  • Recording input parameters and output result of the functions which are set breakpoints in the target program. Therefore, not need to compile the source code, you can monitor the input and output of functions.
  • Automatic analysis parameter type with pdb files.
  • Very easy generate pdb files without source code if you know the api prototype.(new in Professional V4.0)
  • Tracing Release version with mapfile.
  • Tracing Release version with mapfile which generated by IDA Pro.
  • Supporting debug version and release version, not need source code. Supporting tracing ActiveX interface.
  • Supporting multithread. Through displaying sequence chart, easy get sequence relationship between all the threads.
  • Supporting spying the parameters of function before and after the function is called.
  • Supporting the function that the target program will dump CallStack when exception occurs.
  • Supporting nested function call. Displaying the tracing result with tree structure, which can get the nested relationship of function call.
  • Supporting default monitoring design. The user can set the number of default monitoring parameters, under this condition, all functions have the same number of parameters and all parameters of function entry will be displayed. You can trace and monitor API without programming.
  • Not need to know the prototype of the APIs.
  • All the API functions, including the undocumented APIs that are called inside the DLL, can be monitored in deed.

Auto Debug for x64
Auto Debug for Windows x64 - 64bit software