Orwell Dev-C++ 64bit version

2012-Jan-04 | Tags: freewareportableprograming

Start64!Orwell's Dev-C++ is an IDE for the C/C++ programming language based on the Mingw port of GCC. It features a project manager, syntax highlighting editor, class browser, code completion, integrated debugging etc. Orwell's Dev-C++ is also based on the famous Bloodshed Dev-C++ (which at present isn't being maintained by the original developer) and hosts a number of fixes including support for 64-bit processors.


  • Includes MinGW GCC 4.6.2 32bit or...
  • Includes TDM-GCC 4.6.1 64bit
  • Provides syntax highlighting for code, header and resource files
  • Supports code completion and autocomplete
  • Shows information about code when hovering above code
  • Supports GPROF profiling
  • Provides user-editable shortcuts and tools
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Supports GNU GDB debugging

Guide to choose between 32bit and 64bit

  • The 64bit compiler will also run op 32bit computers. Not problem at all.
  • The 64bit compiler can do everything the 32bit compiler can, including creating standard 32bit executables.
  • The 64bit compiler can do stuff the 32bit compiler can't, like creating 64bit executables. It also comes with a lot more headers and libraries.
  • There is no single reason to download the 32bit except for maybe file size, marginally longer compiling time, or in case you have to use that specific compiler for any reason (regression problems for example).

Dev-C++ 64bit version