Start64!New version! - With RealWorld Icon Editor you do not need other software to create perfect icons. On the other hand, if you prefer your own image or 3D graphics editor, RealWorld Icon Editor can import images from numerous formats and generate icons from them.

Using 3D editor saves time and most importantly gives all icons uniform look and feel. When generating an icon from a 3D model, you get lighting, occlusion, and perspective transformations for free. You can change them at any time and generate an updated icon in few seconds.

RealWorld Icon Editor - 64bit

With RealWorld Icon Editor you may create icons ranging from 1x1 pixel up to 256x256 pixels including icons with different width and height. You may also use all available color depths: monochromatic, 16 colors, 256 colors, 16M colors and 16M colors with full alpha channel (32-bit icons).

The application has customizable window layouts and content-dependent toolbars. You may adjust one of the default layouts or create a new one to cover your specific needs.

RealWorld Icon Editor - 64bit
RealWorld Icon Editor - 64bit software

Icons saved in RealWorld Icon Editor are 100% compatible with Windows XP and older versions. We go as far as not allowing users to control the order of images inside icons. Instead we always sort images according to Microsoft guidelines.

RealWorld Icon Editor can modify icons by drawing smooth shapes and text, cutting & pasting regions, etc. You may also script your own image filters using JScript. This way you can eliminate repetitive tasks specific for you project. For example you may generate high-contrast and dimmed versions of icons used in a Firefox skin by a single click.