Start64!Integrated Development Environment (IDE) GcIde is based on very light, object oriented library "rofrm" (implemented in Win32, Win64 and Gtk+) which allows to create platform independent (at source code level) GUI applications for Windows (Win32 or Win64) and Linux (GTK) system.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) C++ GcIde 64bit version

Main features of the IDE:

  • it delivers object oriented library rofrm which allows to compile your GUI application both for Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit versions)
  • integrated graphics form editor (similar to Delphi) for GUI applications
  • compatibility with GCC 4.xx compiler (mingw version in Windows case)
  • integrated debugger GDB
  • advanced editor based on Scintilla
  • some integrated tools for developer (e.g. code browser)
  • low hardware requirements and fast performance
  • it can be run on pen-drive without any installation (portable)
  • templates for some rofrm based applications and more ...

The GcIde environment strongly supports building form based applications. It allows easily arrange and handle a lot of build in controls, among them panels, tabbed pages, toolbars. It also can create prototypes of controls event handlers and link them to the control. Środowisko wspiera tworzenie aplikacji okienkowych opartych o biblioteki rofrm. The rofrm library is very light and is statically linked to the application, so obtained the application is compact and small size. If an application uses only rofrm code (no system API calls), then it can be compiled as win32, win64 or GTK(linux) native application.

 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) C++ GcIde 64bit version
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) C++ GcIde - 64bit software