Start64!PureBasic is an "high-level" programming language based on established "BASIC" rules. It is mostly compatible with any other "BASIC" compiler, whether it's for the Amiga or PC format. Learning PureBasic is very easy! PureBasic has been created for beginners and experts alike.

Compilation time is extremely fast. This software has been developed for the Windows operating system. We have put a lot of effort into its realization to produce a fast, reliable and system-friendly language.

The syntax is easy and the possibilities are huge with the "advanced" functions that have been added to this language like pointers, structures, procedures, dynamic linked-lists and much more. For the experienced coder, there are no problems gaining access to any of the legal OS structures or Windows API objects.


PureBasic 64-bit version


PureBasic is a portable programming language which currently works on AmigaOS, Linux, MacOS X and Windows computer systems. This means that the same code can be compiled natively for the OS and use the full power of each. There are no bottlenecks like a virtual machine or a code translator, the generated code produces an optimized executable.


PureBasic 64-bit versionPureBasic - 64bit software