Sawmill Professional 64-bit version

2016-Nov-14 | Tags: databasewin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Sawmill PROFESSIONAL is very definitely the professionals choice, designed with all the configurability and power you will need to generate and tailor your reports to meet both your, and your users, requirements. Using Sawmill PROFESSIONAL Edition you can automate repetitive functions like updating the databases, sending out key reports to the right people each month and generating the heavily used static reports for all your users.

Sawmill professional under x64


When you are ready to add more profiles, or move up to ENTERPRISE Edition you will appreciate the simplicity of a Sawmill upgrade. Adding profiles or moving up to the next product is as easy as purchasing a new key, with ‘profile’ compatibility throughout the range of Sawmill solutions.

Customisation - Sawmill PROFESSIONAL Edition offers the user the ability to partially customize the user interface by modifying such items as font type and size, colours, adding logos to the report interface etc.

Deployment - Sawmill PROFESSIONAL may be run on any of the Supported Sawmill platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows, Macintosh), and can be run either locally (on the ‘server’ being analyzed) or remotely (on any system you want, anywhere you want). When run as a remote application Sawmill PROFESSIONAL will be able to automatically download the target log files, process them, and publish the reports using its integrated web server, or email the reports to wherever you need them or both.

Sawmill Professional features includes:

  • Report drill down (Zoom Filters)
  • Clickstream Web Visitor Reports
  • User Management Editor for admin and report user access
  • Log Filter Editor (Import Filters) to filter the raw log data into the database
  • Report Filter Editor (Output Filters) to filter the report being displayed without changing the database
  • Report Editor for modifying the reports and the report menu allowing creation and editing of the reports - the graphs, tables and report menu navigation
  • Integrated Sawmill Database
  • Sawmill Scheduler for automation of all report functions
  • DNS resolution for log data IP addresses
  • Geographic Location reports to the City level via GeoLite City™
  • 828 supported log file formats
  • Multiple log sources including Cluster / Load Balanced environments via HTTP, FTP, Local File or Command Line
  • 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 and unlimited profile license packs (Upgrade path to Enterprise)
  • Language support for English, German, Italian, Czech, Chinese (Traditional) and Polish.

Sawmill professional under x64
Sawmill professional - 64bit software