Start64!New version! - Programmers who have incorporated unit testing into their development process are aware of its advantages: cleaner code, courage to refactor, and higher development speed. But even the most die-hard unit testers can falter when faced with testing a class that relies on a system's state for its behavior.

Many developers have seen the improvement in quality and increase in speed that comes from having a comprehensive unit-test suite. But writing good unit tests takes time and effort. Because each unit cooperates with others, writing a unit test can involve a significant amount of setup code. This makes tests more expensive, and in certain cases they can be almost impossible to implement, especially when a method depends on other hard-to-control things like the network, a database, or even the current weather temperature.

Typemock Isolator under 64bit

To support testing you need to isolate parts of the code and fake their behavior. To test how an application handles a network being disconnected, it is necessary to isolate the class that deals with the network and fake an error returned from a call to the network. This is exactly what Isolator does. It enables programmers to replace the 'real' application behavior with the one required by the test. Only, it does this without changes to the code-under-test.

Typemock Isolator gives you the power to isolate static and nonvirtual methods and future instances without having to refactor or change your production code. Unlike any other frameworks, your tests will be much clearer and you will be able to write them much faster.

Typemock Isolator supports three sets of API in order to fake dependecies:

  • Arrange Act Assert  (AAA) Syntax (the latest version of the API - you are encouraged to use this API).
  • Natural Mocks™  (older - Record-Replay but strongly typed)
  • Reflective Mocks  (older - string based API)

Typemock Isolator under 64bit

64-Bit Version: There is a single installer for 64-bit machines. Prior to installing it, uninstall both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Isolator.

Typemock Isolator under 64bit