Start64!A replacement for the default Windows®XP and Windows Server 2003 graphical shell (taskbar, start menu and "tray"). The default explorer shell uses quite a lot of run-time resources and can be quite slow to use for "Power Users". This shell provides the following features but uses only a fraction of the resources that explorer.exe uses:

AutoWallpaper 64bit version

2008-Apr-21 | Tags: desktoptheme

Start64!AutoWallpaper is a simple desktop wallpaper changer. It changes the desktop wallpaper using user specified settings for time between switches, images to choose from, and what order to change the wallpaper. This is the extent of the features for AutoWallpaper at the moment. As time progresses and more version of the application come out, the number of features AutoWallpaper has will increase as well.

RealWorld Cursor Editor 64bit version

2007-Oct-26 | Tags: editorfreeware

Start64!RW Cursor Editor is a freeware tool for static and animated cursor authors and it can also server as a simple image editor. Modify and create static (.cur) and animated cursors (.ani) of any size and color depth. Animations with custom frame sequence are supported. RealWorld Cursor Editor can modify animations using drag and drop or copy and paste frames using clipboard. The application is able to run selected filters on multiple frames of an animated cursor. Users can define custom filters. 

XdN Directions 64bit version

2007-Sep-20 | Tags: freewaregoogle

Start64!This program sits in your system tray, and gives you easy access to look up maps and directions on Google Maps.