ReIcon 64-bit version

2014-Jan-25 | Tags: desktopthemefreewareiconportablewin8-64bit

Start64!ReIcon is a very easy to use Portable freeware and enables you to save and restore your desktop icon layouts. If you frequently change your screen resolution to play games or use applications that require a specific resolution, you are probably familiar with the fact that your desktop icons are usually a mess after you switch back to your normal resolution.

Fences - 64 bit support

2013-Dec-05 | Tags: iconstardockwin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - Fences is a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for your desktop icons. These groups can help bring organization and consistency to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant mess" problem that has plagued the desktop since its inception.

Start64!DeskScapes is a program that allows users to have animated wallpaper on their Windows 7, Vista or XP desktop. It supports playing video as animated wallpaper, dynamically generated content as animated wallpaper, and more. Users also have the ability to change specific colors in their current wallpaper or choose the "Random wallpaper option", and set how often the wallpapers will rotate.

Start64!WorldDesk leverages a unique, patented, abstraction layer that frees all aspects of a user's Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device. This technology allows the free movement of apps, files and profile between devices, truly letting you take your world with you. Our mission is to deliver personalised mobile computing solutions based around your devices, the cloud and VMWare and Citrix platforms.

HyperCam 64bit version

2013-Aug-05 | Tags: freewarescreen capturewin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - HyperCam captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it as a standard, easily edited, AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. This format can be played under Windows, as well as the Internet, unlike other programs that use proprietary formats that may need special viewers and be difficult, if not impossible, to edit.

Extra Keys 64bit version

2013-Feb-22 | Tags: freewarekeyboardportablewin8-64bit

Start64!The Extra Keys application is a simple desktop utility program intended for use with "Western European" language versions of Windows. It provides an easy and convenient way to insert international accented chracters and other symbols into your documents. Most of these characters will probably not be found on your keyboard, although this depends on the language and specific keyboard being used.

DemoHelper 64bit version

2013-Feb-21 | Tags: freewareportable

Start64!DemoHelper is a tool which helps in demonstrations, presentations or if you just need to explain someone something on your computer. DemoHelper is an annotation and screen zoom tool you can use for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. DemoHelper runs unobtrusively in the system tray and is activated by either customizable hotkeys or the context menu of the tray icon.

Start64!New version! - Folder Size for Windows adds a new column to the Details view in Windows Explorer. The new column shows not only the size of files, but also the size of folders. It keeps track of which folders you view, and scans them in the background so you can see complete size of all files within the folder.

Start64!Thinix RetroUI™ Pro is an easy to use software application that makes your Windows 8 based PC work and behave as if it were running Windows 7. It allows you to keep all of the benefits of Windows 8 and use Windows 8 Apps, but brings back the easy, intuitive design of Windows 7.

Start64!QuickWayToFolders provides quick folder content access.


ClocX 64bit version

2013-Jan-21 | Tags: clockfreeware

Start64!New version! - ClocX is analog clock application for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It is programmed in C++ language, which ensures small executable binary, optimal speed and low memory usage.

RClipStep 64-bit version

2013-Jan-16 | Tags: freewareportable

Start64!RClipStep is a smart and handy clipboard manager with simple and intuitive using, based on AutoIt. When you press Ctrl-V to paste, you can hold Ctrl and press V repeatedly to step through the clipboards. RClipStep supports many functions (multiple queue, store clips into disk, etc).

Direct Folders - 64bit support

2012-Dec-16 | Tags: win8-64bit

Start64!New version! - Direct Folders guarantees you quick and direct access to your favorite folders and recent documents. Jump to any deeply nested folder in a single mouse click. Direct Folders automatically resizes every standard file dialog, so you can see a larger number of files. Find what you looking for with less scrolling.

Start64!Win+X Menu Editor serves to provide you a simple and useful way to edit Win+X menu without system files modification in Windows 8. It keeps untouched your system integrity.

Timekeeper - 64bit support

2012-Nov-23 | Tags: clock

Start64!New version! - The 12noon Timekeeper provides you with more information about the date and time than the simple Windows clock in your taskbar notification area. Timekeeper also gives you quick and easy access to a calendar.