Microangelo On Display 64bit version

2012-Apr-12 | Tags: displaywin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Microangelo On Display makes it easy to change almost any icon displayed by Windows using one elegant procedure. Simply right-click on any icon and select "Appearance" from the popup menu.

Microangelo On Display x64 Version


  • Use with confidence under Windows Vista! - On Display is officially "Certified for Windows Vista" by Microsoft. All files and folders are installed to appropriate system and user locations. On Display recognizes user privileges and provides its features to "least privileged" users. Very few options that affect the entire computer require Administrator privileges.
  • Ready for Windows 7. - Version 6.10.70 includes updates for Windows 7, and has passed Microsoft certification testing to earn the Compatible with Windows 7 logo.
  • Use JPG, BMP, and PNG files to customize icons. - True icon files (ICO) or icon libraries are usually required to customize icons displayed by Windows. On Display accepts these files as well as traditional graphic formats, and automatically creates the ICO files required by Windows.


Microangelo On Display x64 Version
Microangelo On Display - 64bit software