Start64!Microangelo® Toolset 6 provides a complete solution for all aspects of icon and cursor development. Its optimized components allow you to create, edit, browse, view, search and extract, replace icons, and much more. If you need a solution for anything related to Windows icons, Toolset 6 will likely do it easier than you expected, better than you expected, or both.

Microangelo Toolset includes two image editors, Studio and Animator. Both offer a common, powerful development environment with additional features and options for their specific needs. A broad array of painting and editing tools are available, including an extremely proficient Gradient tool that creates outstanding blends of color and transparency.


Microangelo Toolset - 64-bit Version



Icon Editor - Make icons and cursors for Windows 95 through Windows Vista with Toolset's icon editor, Microangelo Studio.


  • Create and edit all images sizes and color formats, including 256x256 (hi-res) images for Vista.
  • Studio's tools and features are specifically designed and optimized to create outstanding miniature graphics.


  • Create custom gradients with unlimited colors and transparency levels
  • Draw smooth anti-aliased edges
  • Paint with adjustable opacity, and add dithering/dodge/burn effects
  • Preview window to display the actual size image and “real time” results while creating icons or cursors


  • PNG compression for any icon image format.
  • Import PSD, PNG, JPG and BMP graphics


Icon and Cursor Explorer - Browse any folder with Microangelo Explorer to view information and access to all file formats that contain icons and cursors.

Home Base

  • Launch Studio, Animator, or Librarian from Explorer
  • All Toolset components will accept a file dragged from Explorer into their main windows
  • Double-click any icon or cursor to edit it with Microangelo Studio or Animator.
  • Double-click any Icon Library or Program file to access the icons they contain with Microangelo Librarian.
  • Drag and drop folders or disk drives into Microangelo Librarian to quickly Search and Extract.

Browsing and Viewing

  • Browse networks, computers, drives and folders for icons and cursors
  • Displays ALL files that contain icons and cursors
  • File view pane includes "Details" viewing mode, displaying how many icons each file contains.
  • Right-click animated cursor files to load and view them as your current cursor!


Microangelo Toolset - 64-bit Version



Animated Cursor Editor - Create and edit animated cursors.  Create animated icons for use with Microangelo On Display.

Animation Editing

  • Edit "frames" of animated icons and cursors with the same rich set of drawing tools and options available in Microangelo Studio.
  • Preview window provides an actual size, real-time display of edit operations as you work

Color and Size Formats

  • Animator can create and edit icons and cursors in B/W, 16-color, 256-color, True Color, and Windows XP color depths
  • Icons can be 32x32 or 48x48 pixels in size
  • Automatically resize animated cursors to Windows requirement of 32x32 pixels


Icon Manager - Microangelo Librarian is an all-purpose icon management tool used to create icon libraries, access, organize and edit icons, and search and extract icon resources.


  • Open Icon Library files (ICL) and all types of program files (DLL, EXE, OCX, etc...)
  • View options include Specific and Raw modes to isolate specific image formats or view ALL image formats.


  • Drag and drop icons from folders into libraries, from libraries into folders (as ICO), or between Librarian windows.
  • Identify duplicate icons automatically and optionally Select or Remove them.
  • Isolate specific image formats. Librarian's Edit options can be used to easily select and remove unwanted image formats or entire icons.
  • Add names to icons and select Sort by Name for quick location.

Edit, Update and Replace

  • Double-click any icon to edit it directly with Microangelo Studio.
  • Change icons in program files. Simply right-click the icon select Update or Replace to update existing images or replace the entire icons.

Search and Extract

  • Automatically search and extract icons from files, folders - even entire disk drives - with Librarian's Search Files option!
  • Drag and drop folders or disk drives from Microangelo Explorer into Librarian to quickly Search and Extract.


Microangelo Toolset - 64-bit Version
Microangelo Toolset - 64bit software