Sh'elf 64bit version

2012-Nov-04 | Tags: commandlinefreewareiconstartmenutrayvirtual desktop

Start64!Sh'elf is an on-demand desktop with drag and drop. Good for alternate shells, or as a second desktop.


  • Desktop view (items on desktop)
  • Desktop access (open, rename, view text/image/archive, properties, recycle, delete)
  • Shell operations (drag/drop, cut/copy/paste, shell context menu)
  • Folder operations (new file/folder, refresh, select all, explore, command shell)
  • Sh'elf (folder, text colour, background colour, transparent, center horiz/vert, tray icon, on top)
  • Desk (icon style, sort, set home/end, show hidden, properties)
  • Tools (file manager, archive manager, command shell, text viewer, image viewer)


Sh'elf 64bit version


  • Status (time, recycle bin)
  • Settings (save now, save as, save on exit, save folder)
  • Info (F1 menu, menu pins, menu at cursor, help, about)
  • Command line (inifile, folder)
  • Portable (no install, settings in program folder, relative paths, link conversion)
  • Language support (unicode, language files for translation)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions included


Sh'elf 64bit version
Sh'elf - 64bit software