KO Approach 64bit version

2011-Aug-03 | Tags: keyboardpluginspeedtray

Start64!KO Approach is a desktop Shell Enhancement that enables quicker access to files and folders with a set of hierachical menus. KO Approach runs on the background and does not need to be open at all times. In fact, unless you need to change some of its settings, you may never know Approach is there at all!

Just click on any folder in Windows Explorer, hold down the mouse key and a menu will appear, displaying the contents of the selected folder as a list of items. Highlight folder icons to expand sub-menus and move further down your directory structure, or select a file to open it in the same the way you do it from the Start menu. It's that simple.


KO Approach 64bit version

Key Features

  • Customizable settings allowing the User to determine the program's behavior
  • Plug-in technology allowing to customize the program's capabilities
  • Search by typing first letters of the item's name
  • Keyboard-based menu navigation
  • Fast menu scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Full support of contextual menus
  • The customizable Tray menu enables quick access to most frequently used items
  • Ability to browse hierarchical menus for getting quick access to files in parent directories
  • The Scope Plug-in enables previewing graphical files of most common formats
  • The InstantWave Plug-in enables playback of WAV sound files
  • Full Unicode support
  • Unlimited menu depth

KO Approach 64bit version
KO Approach - 64bit software