Start64!This is a tool, that makes the management of your folders' appearence more flexible and handy. With FolderHighlight you can mark out important folders with a color or an icon. It is a fact that human's brain accepts information firstly as visual patterns. So if you open "My documents" and see a hundred of similar folder icons you won't be able to use your visual perception's advantages.

But if documents you work with this month are marked out with a red color, such a folder will strike your eye before you read its name. This approach's advantages are obvious!

Who needs this?

  • Any user who wants to beautify his computer.
  • Any user who works much with computer and has a lot of folders.
  • Business people who can relate information to different categories with the help of FolderHighlight.

FolderHighlight 64bit version

How do I use this?

That's very Easy! All you need is to choose the folder you want to mark out, make a mouse right click on it, select FolderHighlight in the Drop Down menu and then choose the suitable appearance.

FolderHighlight 64bit version

What are the System Requirements?

FolderHighlight uses technologies first implemented in Windows 2000, so application will work at Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and WinXP, Vista and Windows 7. Both x86 and x64 platforms are supported.

FolderHighlight 64bit version