DeskScapes - 64bit support

2013-Oct-24 | Tags: desktopthemestardockwin8-64bit

Start64!DeskScapes is a program that allows users to have animated wallpaper on their Windows 7, Vista or XP desktop. It supports playing video as animated wallpaper, dynamically generated content as animated wallpaper, and more. Users also have the ability to change specific colors in their current wallpaper or choose the "Random wallpaper option", and set how often the wallpapers will rotate.

DeskScapes supports the use of dream files, WMV and MPEG videos for animations. The .Dream format. is supported by DeskScapes and has been specifically designed to contain content intended to be used as animated wallpaper. Choose between subtle or extreme animated wallpapers.

DeskScapes under Windows 7 64bit

Hybrid dreams allow you to take static wallpapers and apply animations to them. This gives people a chance to create animated wallpapers without having to know how to use 3D applications. It’s really easy to create subtle animations without having to render a huge video file, and it uses very little resources. Simply create your hybrid dream, save it in the .Dream format and apply it to your desktop using DeskScapes.  

 DeskScapes under Windows 7 64bit

DeskScapes under Windows 7 64bit

DeskScapes under Windows 7 64bit

DeskScapes under Windows 7 64bit

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