Timekeeper - 64bit support

2012-Nov-23 | Tags: clock

Start64!New version! - The 12noon Timekeeper provides you with more information about the date and time than the simple Windows clock in your taskbar notification area. Timekeeper also gives you quick and easy access to a calendar.

Timekeeper conveniently displays the date and time in whatever format you want on your Windows taskbar. It can also display the date and time on any edge of your desktop or even “float” on your desktop. Timekeeper doesn’t obscure what you’re working on or use valuable screen real estate.

Timekeeper x64 version

To access Timekeeper's menu, right-click on Timekeeper. The menu allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Obtain information about 12noon Products.
  • Display this Help document.
  • Display the About window.
  • Configure the date/time display.
  • Adjust the system date/time.
  • Specify whether the calendar should highlight today's date.
  • Specify whether the calendar should display week numbers.
  • Specify whether the calendar should remember its position.
  • Specify whether the calendar should remember its size.
  • Specify the calendar's font.

Timekeeper x64 version