AutoWallpaper 64bit version

2008-Apr-21 | Tags: desktoptheme

Start64!AutoWallpaper is a simple desktop wallpaper changer. It changes the desktop wallpaper using user specified settings for time between switches, images to choose from, and what order to change the wallpaper. This is the extent of the features for AutoWallpaper at the moment. As time progresses and more version of the application come out, the number of features AutoWallpaper has will increase as well.

 AutoWallpaper x64 version

Being that AutoWallpaper is programmed in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005, it will require the dotNET FX (Framework) v2.0 or greater to run. You do not need to worry about this if you have Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 installed. Unfortunately, Windows XP only comes with the dotNET FX v1.1 installed. A version of AutoWallpaper setup can be downloaded that has the dotNET FX included.

AutoWallpaper x64 version

AutoWallpaper x64 version
AutoWallpaper - 64bit software

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