Object Viewer - 64bit support

2007-Aug-03 | Tags: admincommandline

Start64!Object Viewer is a tool with both a GUI and command line interface for dumping and examining all active objects on 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) editions of Windows XP, 2003 and Vista. Object Viewer is similar to Handle Viewer in the types of information retrieved, although presents an object-centric view.

 GUI Interface

Object Viewer - under x64

The Object Viewer GUI application will load the Object Viewer driver upon startup, and generate a list of object types. Expanding an object type will list all “unique physical objects” of that object type active on the system. Expanding a unique physical object will list all kernel object instances that reference it. Expanding an object instance will display all open handles to that object, and associated owner information of those handles. Object Viewer also has the capability to search for specific unique physical objects by using the View»Search menu option

Command Line Interface

The Object Viewer command line application is similar to the GUI in functionality. For Windows Vista usage, the user must run it from a command prompt with Administrator privileges. To start a command prompt with administrator privileges, click on the Windows Start button, select All Programs and locate the Command Prompt in the Accessories menu. Next, right-click on Command Prompt menu item and click the “Run as Administrator” option.