Geneious 64bit version

2013-Dec-16 | Tags: 3dapplecadlinux

Start64!New version! - Geneious Pro™ is an integrated and extendable software platform for the organization and analysis of biological data that runs on all major operating systems. Geneious Pro is a revolutionary bioinformatic tool that combines industry-leading DNA and protein analysis tools into a single package that is both ultra-powerful and easy to use.

Scientists, researchers and students are able to search, organize and analyze genomic and protein information of any size via a single powerful desktop program that provides publication-ready images to enhance the impact of your research.

Geneious 64bit version

Benefits for End-users

  • Geneious Pro is designed to look like and behave like an email client, so learning how it works is easy and researching with it everyday is stress free.
  • Geneious Pro is developed in Java, so you get high performance computing on the operating system of your choice – Mac, PC or Linux!
  • With Geneious Pro, you don't have to be a computer scientist to utilize powerful bioinformatic tools. We make software for biologists and bring the powerful bioinformatic tools to you in a simple common framework.
  • Geneious Pro has stunning visualizations that make learning bioinformatics and genetic analysis easier than ever. Check out some example images that can be copied directly into your publication, presentation or poster from our screenshot gallery.
  • Purchasing and registration can be done completely electronically and online with Geneious Pro. But, of course, we handle your purchase orders swiftly too!
  • Activation of Geneious Pro is entirely electronic, which makes it almost instantaneous if you purchase online. You'll get a license registration key emailed to you in minutes.
  • Geneious Pro development follows an open technologies approach with no black boxes! Whenever possible, we use industry-leading open source algorithms and applications so you always know you can trust your results. Examples of this include, ClustalW, MUSCLE, PhyML, PAUP*, Primer3, MAFFT and ModelTest.
  • Geneious Pro supports an enormous number of file formats with autodetect. We import and export all major file formats for DNA sequence analysis, so just drag and drop and let Geneious Pro do the rest.
  • Geneious Pro has a drag and drop importer for Vector NTI® data. Rescue your old data in an instant.
  • Geneious Pro can import .caf files, so you can rescue your old Sequencher® project files with drag and drop.
  • Geneious Pro has a regular and rapid release cycle. We have three major releases per year, and more than 10 minor ones. Allow yourself to be notified of beta releases and get new functionality earlier while helping us tailor the software to your precise needs.

Geneious 64bit version
Geneious - 64bit software