Pov-Ray 64bit version

2013-Nov-08 | Tags: 3dfreewarewin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - POV-Ray for Windows (also known as POVWIN) is POV-Ray, ported to the Microsoft™ Windows™ operating system. It contains all the features of POV-Ray itself, plus some others specific to Windows. The additional features do not affect the core rendering code (apart from the fact that they include .BMP file format support). All of the other additional features relate to making the program easier to use under Windows.

POV-Ray for Windows is not a modeller. It will not let you design scenes graphically on-screen. There are several shareware and freeware programs available for this purpose. To write or modify POV-Ray scenes you just edit the actual text file containing the commands.

POV-Ray 64bit version

Almost anyone can use POV-Ray for Windows. If you have never seen a ray tracing program before, you can have great fun just rendering the sample scenes and animations installed together with POV-Ray for Windows. Once you have studied some scene files and spent a little bit of time reading this documentation, you can start putting basic scene files together.

POV-Ray 64bit version

Remember, though, that you do need to invest some time getting to know the program. For instance, you do not have to worry about most of the POV-Ray settings at first, but some of them are critical. Ignore them and POV-Ray for Windows may not do what you expect. The default settings have been selected so as to be satisfactory in the large majority of cases, but sometimes they will not give you what you want. Don't give up. The solution is bound to be a simple one, as long as you take the time to read the documentation. Investing a little bit of time getting to know the program will pay off - guaranteed!

POV-Ray 64bit version
Pov-Ray - 64bit software

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