IRONCAD 64bit version

2009-Jun-29 | Tags: 3dwin8-64bit

Start64!This program is the first to bring full 3D design visualization, drawing creation, rendering, and animation into the mainstream of desktop computing. It combines a breakthrough new architecture with drag-and-drop solid modeling to provide the easiest part/assembly design/drawing environment available today. Yet it offers the same level of performance and compatibility you would expect from high-cost, advanced 3D applications.

Today's successful companies are the ones that have found a way to bring more competitive products to market quicker, with higher quality at a lower cost than their competition. These companies value increased productivity and the solutions that can deliver it.

IRONCAD understands this need for easy to use, highly productive tools that can be used either stand alone or incorporated into a broader corporate PLM initiative. It is that understanding that has lead to the development of IRONCAD.

IRONCAD 64bit version

IRONCAD is the productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full 3D reality. It utilizes a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. IRONCAD is the tool of choice for design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unanticipated change is to be expected. It provides a fresh alternative to today's history based parametric only systems by providing the additional capability of a radical new drag and drop 3D environment that delivers unmatched ease-of-use, and superior productivity.

IRONCAD, since its introduction, has received many awards because of its innovation in the areas of 3D design. It allows a new engineering user to be productive after only a few days while allowing unprecedented productivity for the experienced user. IRONCAD was engineered from the ground up with visual drag and drop concepts at its core, intuitively extending familiar Windows concepts into 3D. The result is a solid modeling solution that is more productive in Creative 3D Design than any of today’s leading CAD systems.

IRONCAD 64bit version

Windows 64-Bit Operating System Support for large Assembly Data

Customers in IRONCAD are continually expanding their needs for large assembly data. This can sometime push the limits of a 32-Bit operating system that has limited amount of available RAM and often performs memory swapping with virtual memory. To aid the customers, IRONCAD V11 has added support for the 64-bit operating system to allow the users to take full advantage of the systems capability.

IRONCAD 64bit version
IRONCAD - 64bit software