Houdini 64bit version

2012-Oct-16 | Tags: 3dwin8-64bit

Start64!Houdini is a high-end 3D animation package developed by Side Effects Software which headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Its main distinction from other packages is that it has been designed as a purely procedural environment.

Houdini 64bit version

It covers all the major areas of 3D production, including:

  • Modeling - All standard geometry entities including Polygons, (Hierarchical) NURBs/Bezier Curves/Patches & Trims, Metaballs
  • Animation - Keyframed animation and raw channel manipulation (CHOPs), motion capture support
  • Particles
  • Dynamics - Rigid Body Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wire (Curve) Dynamics, Cloth Simulation
  • Lighting - node-based shader authoring, lighting and re-lighting in an IPR viewer
  • Rendering - supporting a variety of renderers; besides Mantra: Renderman, mental ray and various 3rd party support
  • Volumetrics - generations/population/manipulation/rendering of scalar- and vectorfields
  • Compositing - full compositor of floating-point deep (layered) images
  • Plugin Development - development libraries for user extensibility

Like Maya, Houdini is an open-environment and uses the popular Tcl/Tk scripting language and toolkit (as opposed to the proprietary MEL used in Maya). Houdini also has its own CShell-like scripting language, Hscript. However, any major scripting languages which support socket communication can interface with Houdini. As of version 9, Houdini also offers Python as a substitute to hscript and the original expression language.

Digital assets are generally constructed by connecting sequences of operations (or OPs). This proceduralism has several advantages: it allows users to construct highly detailed geometric or organic objects in comparatively very few steps compared to other packages; it enables and encourages non-linear development; and new operators can be created in terms of existing operators, a flexible alternative to non-procedural scripting often relied on in other packages for customisation. Houdini uses this procedural paradigm throughout: for textures, shaders, particles, "channel data" (data used to drive animation), rendering and compositing.

Operating System

  • Windows: Tested on Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit)
  • Linux: Tested on Fedora Core 6, RHEL 4, Ubuntu 7.10 and Debian 3.1 and 4.0 (32 and 64-bit)

Houdini 64bit version
Houdini - 64bit software

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