Start64!Electronic media can be the key to a case and nothing is more important than acquiring that data. Paraben's Forensic Replicator can acquire a wide range of electronic media from a floppy to a hard disk -- nothing is forgotten. Forensic Replicator images can be compressed and segmented and easily read into the most popular forensic analysis programs.

Paraben recommends the use of Paraben's Lockdown because Windows writes to any drive upon bootup. Paraben's Lockdown is an advanced Firewire or USB to IDE write-blocker that combines speed and portability to allow IDE media to be acquired quickly and safely in Windows. When used with Paraben's Forensic Replicator, you've got a winning combination of software and hardware protection.

Forensic Replicator 64bit version

Forensic Replicator FAQ

  • Support for creating & viewing VHD (Virtual Hard Disk
  • Support for WiebeTech write block devices
  • Support for viewing Linux EXT2 & EXT3 partitions
  • NTFS image viewing
  • Supports Tableau write protection devices
  • DoD standard wiping of media
  • 64bit support (Itanium, AMD64, & Intel EM64T)
  • Drive to Drive image option
  • Creates bit-stream images of removable media, partitions, or an entire physical hard drive
  • Creates images of USB micro drives
  • New explore function allows for preview of active FAT files--tree and detail view available
  • Allows for reprocessing of image files from Raw to Split or add compression as a new image file
  • Compresses image files on the fly
  • Encrypts data for secure storage of evidence-128 bit
  • Splits images into segments for portability
  • Generates self-extracting images
  • Formats and copies DMF/1.68 MB floppy
  • Creates ISO CD-Rom images and allows immediate browsing of data
  • Automates floppy imaging with convenient Batch Assistant mode
  • Includes a free one year subscription with purchase

Forensic Replicator 64bit version
Forensic Replicator - 64bit software