VOSI.biz Online Backup - 64bit support

2010-Apr-19 | Tags: online backup

Start64!Data backup was hard and expensive. It requires a professional system administrator, plus expensive backup software and hardware. With VOSI.biz Online Backup, now you can easily backup / restore your files and emails online from anywhere. It doesn't require a backup device!

Better, it's more secure and reliable than your local backup because your data is saved to a secure offsite location. VOSI.biz Online Backup can be setup instantly; it can automatically backup multiple PCs, laptops and servers. Backup your business data before any disasters happen!

VOSI.biz Online Backup 64bit version

VOSI.biz Online Backup stores backup files on www.vosi.biz secure offsite datacenter facility. VOSI.biz is one of the leading Virtual Office, Virtual Server and Virtual IT solution providers. Files stored on www.vosi.biz are backed up and protected with username and password. For users who require higher-level security, VOSI.biz Online Backup supports secure transferring of data with HTTPS/SSL; it also supports Encrypted Backup, which is more secure than SSL/HTTPS.

VOSI.biz Online Backup 64bit version

VOSI.biz Online Backup has the following features:

  • Runs as a Windows service, can backup your data even if nobody is logged on your PC/Server;
  • Using data compression, caching and MagicUpload, VOSI.biz Online Backup takes upload/download speed to a new level, it is several times faster than regular FTP or HTTP;
  • It is extremely reliable, can easily backup files as big as 8GB and as many as 100s of thousand files;
  • Very detailed progress bar that shows the backup information for every file;
  • Can automatically send backup status notification emails to users;
  • Can backup external drives and network drives.

VOSI.biz Online Backup 64bit version
VOSI.biz Online Backup - 64bit software