Start64!New version! - ODIN is a program to backup and restore hard disk partitions. It operates on low level and directly reads or writes the blocks of a disk volume. In this way the complete contents of a drive can be saved to single file. So you can for example backup a partition of a Windows installation including all the installed programs.

Be careful: When restoring a backup image to the hard disk the complete disk contents gets erased. Be sure to select the correct image file and to choose the correct target partition.

ODIN 64bit version

An image can only be restored to a partition of exactly the same size as the original partition. ODIN will allow you to restore to a bigger partition but this may result in a corrupt file system. Sometimes you may be able to repair this using tools like chkdsk, sometimes it may be unusable.

 ODIN 64bit version

ODIN comes in two flavors. You can either use the graphical user interface or the command line interface. If you start ODIN.exe without any parameters on the command line the main window opens. If you want to use a command line interface in a console application you start ODINC.exe. The required parameters and possible actions are described in the usage section.

 ODIN 64bit version
ODIN - 64bit version

  • Current version: 0.34
  • Release Date: 2011-10-21