TVTonic for Windows® Vista 64-bit editions

2008-Aug-11 | Tags: tv

Start64!TVTonic turns your PC running Windows Vista Ultimate or Home Premium into a stunning Internet TV experience. Browse & watch the hundreds of channels in the Channel Guide, subscribe to your favorite channels for automatic delivery and add any almost any video feed from the web.

TVTonic 64bit version 

Subscribe & Watch Internet TV

It's easy to discover a world of Internet TV via TVTonic's Channel Guide. TVTonic lists hundreds of the best Internet video feeds, including high definition channels. Plus, you get exclusive access to premium channels available only to TVTonic users — all free. In addition, most other video feeds from the web are compatible with TVTonic.

Manage Internet TV

Video can take up a lot of disk space and bandwidth. With TVTonic you control how much space each channel uses. Each channel can be assigned a specific size for it's download cache. Plus, you can set how much bandwidth TVTonic is allowed to use and schedule TVTonic to only download content during certain times of the day. See About TVTonic to learn more.

 TVTonic 64bit version
TVTonic - 64bit software