ASF Direct Writer Filter (x64 edition)

2008-Jul-26 | Tags: codecvideo

Start64!New version! - ASF Direct Writer filter is intended for capture and/or network broadcasting video and audio using the Microsoft ASF file container with most of the third-party codecs installed on your system. Using ASF container is guarantied for audio-video streams synchronization (in contrast to AVI container). To play captured file you can use various software players such Microsoft Windows Media Player and so on.

ASF Direct Writer filter also supports internal Windows Media Video/Audio codes. This filter can be used with the iuVCS x64 capture utility only (see The filter has been tested on the iuVCS x64 beta. For more details about using ASF Direct Writer filter see the help system.System requirementsFollowing software must be installed on your system: 

  • OS Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit or Windows Vista 64 bit;
  • iuVCS x64 version or higher; 

Type of licenseThe filter is a commercial product. Trial period is unlimited. The unregistered version allows you to capture video no more than 20 minutes at a time. If you already registered user of previous version of ASF Direct Writer filter, you can use your register name and serial number for this version of ASF Direct Writer.Known issues

Network video broadcasting is not compatible with nVidia ActiveArmor Firewall.

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