Start64!In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Firefox, we unveiled Firefox Developer Edition, the first browser created specifically for developers. At that time, we also announced plans to ship a 64-bit version of Firefox. Today we’re happy to announce the next phase of that plan: 64-bit builds for Firefox Developer Edition are now available on Windows, adding to the already supported platforms of OS X and Linux.

Start64!Android and Windows smartphone users will experience a new level of performance with Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 810 chip, set to go into devices later this year. But the company is teeing up an even faster and more power-efficient successor, the first chip based on its homegrown 64-bit architecture.

Start64!News about upcoming HTC handsets have become more frequent in the last couple of weeks, which is proof that the Taiwanese company plans to be very active on the smartphone market in the coming months.

Start64!Last summer we were telling you the low-cost chip maker was working towards a 64-bit chip that will bestow cheap Android tablets 4K video capabilities.

Start64!OutlookStatView scans your Outlook mailbox, and display a general statistics about the users that you communicate via emails. For each user/email, the following information is displayed:

Start64!Earlier this month we told you that Adobe finally announced the Lightroom editing service for Android smartphones. - But Adobe is also working towards a new desktop version, which will be released as Lightroom 6. However, you'll have to bear in mind that if you want to take advantage of the new version, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest operating system.

Start64!If there’s one trend surfacing this year in the mobile industry, it's the fact that 64-bit smartphones are popping out everywhere for as far the eyes can see. And with this flood comes a slew of side-effects with the most important one being the acute lowering of pricing.

Start64!The 32-bit architecture is slowing going away, but not too many developers are keen to let it go. A proposal is being made so that Fedora 23 will only be released with 64-bit images.

Start64!Nokia Here is a popular mapping and navigation app with offline functionality that was native to the Windows Phone platform until October 2014, when Nokia decided to give Android users access to a limited beta version. Following the wide release in December, the app has reached over 2.5 million downloads in the Google Play Store as of January 2015 and is growing fast, which is impressive to say the least.

Start64!Mozilla Firefox has yet to release an optimized edition of the famous web browser for 64-bit Windows. However, users can resort to browsers built by other developers that focus on this aspect.

Start64!Information revealing that Samsung was working on a budget, affordable smartphone, known in the rumor mill as the Galaxy J1, has recently surfaced. The handset has yet to be officially announced by the parent company, but while we wait on that Sam Mobile gives us a sneak peek into what to expect from the handset.

Start64!A few days ago, Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider Program, confirmed in a short tweet that Windows 10 would also launch with a 32-bit SKU, thus putting an end to some weird rumors pointing out that Microsoft wants to step away from this architecture type with the new OS version.

64-bit considerations with K2

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Start64!We are often asked “I have a 64-bit Windows computer. Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit components?” Our recommendation is generally to install 64-bit components on a 64-bit OS. For KeyServer in particular though, there are a few reasons that would force you to use 32-bit components on a 64-bit OS though and we’ll cover these below.

Start64!HTC is focusing on the Desire smartphone lineup at CES 2015 and the Desire 320 has already been announced with a quad-core CPU, 5MP main camera and budget price. The Taiwanese company also rolled out the Desire 826, which is a lot more impressive than the one we already talked about.

Start64!Pearl Linux was released a couple of months ago as a natural successor of the much more famous Pear OS, which disappeared mysteriously. Now, the 64-bit edition has been released as well.