Windows 10 Redstone to Bring ARM64 Support

2016-Jan-15 | Tags: armmicrosoftsmartphonewin10-64bit

Start64!The Redstone update will definitely be an exciting release for Windows 10 users, and although Microsoft hasn’t publicly acknowledged it, the company has already dropped several hints that something major is in the works.

This is what happened recently, when Microsoft posted a new job ad on its Careers website (via Walking Cat), looking for a senior program manager that would work on what seems to be ARM64 support for the Redstone update.

“Are you passionate about creating the operating system foundation to enable breathtaking experiences? The silicon ecosystem is always evolving. Windows across all device categories is readying for the introduction of 64 bit computing with the ARM instruction set (ISA). Bringing a new ISA to market involves working both broadly and deeply across Microsoft from devdiv to WDG to Server to Office and others depending on the scope of product target,” the job ad reads.