Mozilla Firefox 64-Bit to Come with Microsoft Silverlight Support

2015-Nov-25 | Tags: firefoxplugin

Start64!The 64-bit version of Firefox is still on the table after so many years of development, and Mozilla is currently working on the features that will be included in it, with new evidence now showing that support for Silverlight is very likely to be offered.

Microsoft’s Silverlight will thus be supported in 64-bit versions of Firefox, but any other specifics are not yet available for the moment, so it’s hard to predict when exactly this version is slated to arrive. speculates that it could come as part of Firefox 44, which is currently in the development branch and is expected to arrive in January 2016. In the meantime, Mozilla will launch Firefox 43 on December 15, but it’s highly unlikely to include Silverlight support, given the fact that it’s supposed to debut in approximately 3 weeks.