Windows 10 Build 10537 x64 ISO Gets Leaked Too

2015-Sep-15 | Tags: win10-64bit

Start64!Microsoft is fully focused on improving the mobile version of Windows 10 these days, but at the same time, the company’s also working on a new build for PCs that could be released to insiders in the next couple of weeks.

Build 10537 made the headlines several times in the last few days, mostly thanks to leaks, and now we have more exciting details for those who can’t wait for the next official release.

Windows 10 build 10537 x64 ISO is now available for download if you know where to look, but keep in mind that this version doesn’t come for Microsoft and the company doesn’t recommend anyone to install such builds. And yet, we all know that most users do it, so it’s a pretty good chance to see what’s to come in Windows 10 before the official release.