Windows 8.1 64-Bit Remains the World’s Second Gaming Platform, but Usage Is on the Rise

2015-May-04 | Tags: gamewindows8

Start64!With Windows 10 almost here, only few users are still looking for new computers to work and/or play, and just as expected, Windows 8.1 is the most common choice when it comes to operating systems powering these machines.

And Steam data offered by Valve shows that Windows 8.1 adoption is indeed on the rise, but Windows 7 64-bit continues to be the leading platform among its users.

Right now, Windows 7 64-bit leads the charts with 46.94 percent, up 0.27 percent, followed by Windows 8.1 64-bit with 29.47 percent, up 0.74 percent.

The third place goes to Windows 7 32-bit with 10.33 percent, down 0.19 percent, followed by Windows 8 64-bit with 3.35 percent, also down 0.09 percent, and Windows XP 32-bit with 3.29 percent.