Chrome for OS X turns 64-bit, forsakes early Intel Macs

2014-Nov-18 | Tags: 32to64applechrome

Start64!Google today released Chrome 39, the company's first 64-bit browser for OS X from its "stable" branch. The update also patched 42 vulnerabilities and paid $41,500 in bounties to the bug hunters who reported a dozen of the flaws.

Chrome 39's most visible change was on the Mac, where it shifted from a long-available 32-bit browser to one designed and optimized for 64-bit PCs and operating systems.

In August, Google announced that Chrome 38 would be the first in its series of 64-bit browsers on OS X. But the next month Google revised the schedule. "We're now bringing these benefits to OS X with Chrome 64-bit for Mac, version 39, due to be released in November," the company said in a brief blog update on Sept. 12.

Google has touted Chrome 64-bit on OS X as faster to launch and less of a memory glutton than the older 32-bit edition.

The appearance today of Chrome 64-bit also signaled the retirement of the 32-bit version on the Mac, which will be stuck on Chrome 38.