Waterfox 28 Review – A 64-Bit Version of Firefox

2014-Jun-06 | Tags: firefox

Start64!Firefox users who also happen to be 64-bit Windows users have been waiting for an official release for the web browser on 64-bit architectures for too long.

The Nightly build of Firefox does feature a 64-bit version, but it has been in testing stage for a long time, meaning that it does not ensure any guarantees regarding stable runtimes. On top of that, there has not been word from Mozilla about an official release for 64-bit Nightly.

The 32-bit edition of Firefox does a very good job on 64-bit Windows versions, but some may argue that it is simply not enough, preferring to resort to third-party web browsers that have been built specifically to take advantage of memory resources on 64-bit architectures.

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