Studio Upgrade to 64 Bit

2014-Mar-13 | Tags: 32to64applemusicupgrade

Start64!The wait is finally over – Threecircles Recording Studio has finally upgraded to 64Bit! “A bit late?” I hear you cry? Well I subscribe to the old adage of “If it ain’t broke….” My system was moving along quite nicely on relatively old Mac OS (10.5 – Leopard) and I didn’t want to rock the boat.

Upgrading the OS of a studio computer usually means a lot of down-time while you check every plugin and combination to make sure that you won’t face a crash during a session (not cool!). Upgrades came and went and I couldn’t see the point in upgrading as I never really stressed out the machine when running fairly heavy arrangements and the potential benefits were small.

The main problem with NOT upgrading was that there was a 4Gb ceiling on Logic when running at 32 bit – meaning that any processor-hungry plugins or software instruments would hog system resources and crash or slow-down sessions. With a 64-Bit system, the ceiling of 4Gb goes away meaning that you are free to utilise however much RAM you have in your system.