Yes, the Next iPhone Will Be Faster — But Will It Have a 64-Bit Processor?

2013-Aug-27 | Tags: 32vs64applearmiphone

Start64!Although the details on Apple’s next iPhone are still a mystery, one thing you can count on is a faster device. Newer, beefed-up processors have been a part of every new iPhone launch, and the supposed “iPhone 5S” probably won’t be any different.

How much faster? According to Fox News reporter Clayton Morris, Apple’s A7 processor provides a 31 percent speed boost over the current A6 chip. It will reportedly remain a dual-core processor, even as quad-core chips become commonplace in high-end Android handsets.

If Morris’ report is accurate, I wouldn’t fret much about the lack of cores. The iPhone has never been lacking in the performance department, because Apple makes it easy for developers to take full advantage of its hardware. As Steve Cheney points out, the number of cores isn’t as important as how the software deals with them. (I like Cheney’s analogy that processing cores are like pans on a stovetop; more pans allow for better ingredient management, but only if the chef is smart enough to juggle each one efficiently.)

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