Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer (64 Bit)

2013-Feb-08 | Tags: microsoftserver

Start64!Microsoft Lync Connectivity Analyzer attempts to connect to your Lync server using the same services and protocols that are used by Lync Windows Store app and Lync apps for mobile platforms. You can perform the connection tests over your internal network or an external network that connects to your Lync server. Lync Connectivity Analyzer provides a report with detailed information about each connection step to help you validate your configuration and troubleshoot connection problems.

Lync Connectivity Analyzer tests the following Lync server components:

  • Autodiscover service
  • Authentication Broker (Reach) service
  • Mobility (MCX) service
  • WebTicket service

Lync Connectivity Analyzer tests the configuration of the following other components:

  • Publication of DNS records for Autodiscover URLs
  • Certificates
  • Proxy servers


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