Waterfox 16.0.1 is all 64-bit goodness

2012-Oct-29 | Tags: firefox

Start64!The 64-bit Firefox variant Waterfox 16.0.1 is available, providing Windows users with a stable version of Firefox that’s optimized for 64-bit systems. The latest build finally appears 19 days after Firefox 16 itself released, and includes all the changes and improvements found in the 16.0.1 build of Firefox. However, it has already been effectively made out-of-date by the appearance of Firefox 16.0.2, which contains a critical security fix.

Waterfox 16.0.1 contains all of the new features introduced in Firefox 16.0.1, including initial support for web apps, performance improvements based on incremental garbage collection and a new Developer Toolbar. This latter feature includes buttons for quick access to developer tools, plus a new command line for quick keyboard access and recently opened files list for Scratchpad.

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