64-bit Software by Category

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Start64!Antivirus, BackUp – Restore, Benchmark, Codec, Defragment, Encryption, File Manager, FTP, Graphics and Photo, Install Management, Internet, Media Player, Networking, PDF, Process Management, Start Menu, System Information, System Software, Test Software, Tweak Software, Virtual CD/DVD

Start Menu for Windows 8 64-bitStart Menu

File Manager for Windows 8 64-bitFile Manager

Antivirus for Windows 8 64-bitAntivirus

Driver for Windows 8 64-bitAdmin Tools

Backup for Windows 8 64-bitBackUp and Restore

Benchmark for Windows 8 64-bitBenchmark

Defragment for Windows 8 64-bitDefragment

Test Software for Windows 8 64-bitTest Software

Virtual CD/DVD for Windows 8 64-bitVirtual CD/DVD

System Information for Windows 8 64-bitSystem Information



64-bit Freeware for Windows 8 64-bit

64-bit Freeware for
Windows 8 64-bit


64-bit Media Player

64-bit Media Player


Install: Info, Help, Apps

Install: Info, Help, Apps

Install Management for Windows 8 64-bitInstall Management

Process Management for Windows 8 64-bitProcess Management

System Software for Windows 8 64-bitSystem Software

Networking for Windows 8 64-bitNetworking

Tweak Software for Windows 8 64-bitTweak Software

Codec for Windows 8 64-bitCodec

PDF Software for Windows 8 64-bitPDF

FTP for Windows 8 64-bitFTP

Media Player for Windows 8 64-bitMedia Player

Encryption Software for Windows 8 64-bitEncryption

Internet Software for Windows 8 64-bitInternet Software

Graphics and Photo Software for Windows 8 64-bitGraphics – Photo

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